Co-op Education Incentive

Application Form
Youth Initiatives Labour, Skills and Immigration
  • Deadline Date May 15, 2022

Program Basics

Employers can hire a co-op student for a work term of 12-16 weeks. You’ll receive a subsidy of $7.50 an hour ($9.00 if the student is a member of designated diversity group) for the wages you pay the student.

26-32 week terms are available in some education programs – please confirm with the Co-op Coordinator at the post-secondary institution.

Program policies are outlined in the Co-op Program guidelines.

How to apply

Please make one application for all positions where the work term is between 12-16 weeks and the work locations are in the same county.

Please make a separate application for each county, and for any 26-32-week positions you require. Multiple 26-32-week positions can be combined on one application.

Important! Endorsement

Positions cannot be approved unless they have been seen and accepted (endorsed) by a Nova Scotia Co-operative Education Program. You must communicate with a Co-op program and have your job approved before you apply.

A list of Co-op Coordinators is found on the program website to help you select the University / College that can provide you with a Co-op student that best meets your job requirements.

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