Student Summer Skills Incentive

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Youth Initiatives Labour, Skills and Immigration
  • Average Completion Time 15 Minutes
  • Deadline Date Jan 31, 2022

Program information

SKILL helps registered charities and societies offer summer jobs to post-secondary students.

Eligible employers (not-for-profits and charities, see guidelines) can hire students for terms of 8-14 weeks in the summer, paying at least minimum wage. You’ll receive a subsidy of $9.10 per hour ($10.10 if the student is a member of an designated group) for the wages you pay to your student employees.

How To Apply

You will need a LaMPSS account to apply for this program. If you do not have one, please visit the program webpage to download the registration form.

If you have a LaMPSS account but don't remember your login information, please email If you just need to reset your password, there is a self-service option at

Please make one application for all positions you are requesting within the same county.

Please make separate applications for each county in which you want students to work.

SKILL - WIL (Work-Integrated Learning)

Hiring a student whose area of study relates to your job – a Computer Science student to build a website, a Business student to help with marketing, or a History major for museum research – makes the job more valuable for you and your student. If you are able to hire a student in a Co-op or other Work-Integrated Learning program, such as an Internship or Work Placement, that’s better still, as the student will get course credit at school for the work at your organization.

Please visit the program website for more details.

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